Refund Policy

Returns: Ordered and paid goods can only be returned in the event of transport damage or a defect in the goods themselves. The return takes place under the following conditions:

Transport damage: If a carpet is delivered with a defect as a result of transport damage, a complaint must be made immediately to the service provider (e.g. forwarding agent, post office) about the damaged delivery. The customer is obliged to have a damage confirmation report from the service provider (e.g. freight forwarder, post office) handed over. All transport damage must also be reported to the online shop by means of photo documentation (damage to the packaging and damage to the carpet) by email to within 3 calendar days.

Defects in the goods themselves: The ordered carpet must be checked immediately upon receipt and any defects or deviations from the order must be reported to the online shop within 3 calendar days by email to using photo documentation (defective area on the carpet/wrong delivery). .

The carpet that has been damaged in transit or has a defect must be returned no later than 5 calendar days after receipt. After the allegedly damaged/defective goods have been returned, we will inspect them. If damage/defects are found on the carpet, the purchase price (excluding any credit card fees) will be repaid within 10 calendar days after the customer has provided the account details.

Bad purchase: If the buyers have made a mistake in terms of the color or size of the carpet, then, after consultation with us, the carpet will be exceptionally taken back and a goods credit will be issued. There will be no refund of the purchase price.