Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions (GTC)


The general terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as “GTC”) apply to all legal transactions concluded via the online shop www.vidal-teppiche.com. The online shop is operated by Vidal Teppichgalerie AG (hereinafter referred to as “Vidal”).
The general terms and conditions also apply to all legal transactions concluded in the Vidal showrooms. In the showrooms, customers can personally experience advice and view carpets, as well as buy them at retail prices.

Vidal reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. The version of these terms and conditions applicable at the time of the order is decisive, which cannot be unilaterally changed for this order. Conditions of customers that contradict or deviate from these GTC are not recognized.
The offer of products in the online shop, explicitly also in our showrooms, is aimed at international customers. Deliveries are made to addresses worldwide. Delivery costs may vary depending on the delivery zone. The offer is valid as long as the product can be found using the search engine in the online shop and / or stocks last.
For all product orders with the minimum age requirement of 18 years, the customer confirms compliance with these legal provisions with the order.
Orders in quantities that are not common in households can be refused without a reason.

2 - Information

2.1 Product and Price

Images of products in advertising, brochures, online shops, etc. serve for illustration and are non-binding.
All sales prices published in the online shop are final prices that include all taxes (especially VAT), any advance recycling fees (ARF), costs for packaging / s and all other possible taxes, fees or costs. Deviations can only arise in the case of delivery in the respective zones. Vidal reserves the right to change the prices of the products and services offered at any time. The price in the online shop at the time of the order is decisive for the conclusion of the purchase contract.
If the customer orders a product that is in our warehouse abroad, the customer, as the importer, is liable for the Swiss import tax and any customs duties for the delivered product. The customer hereby authorizes and instructs Vidal to make the import customs declaration of the delivered product in Switzerland in the name and on behalf of the customer and to pay the Swiss import duties (import tax and any customs duties). The expected Swiss import duties are paid by the customer in advance to Vidal together with the purchase price. Any difference to the actual Swiss import taxes incurred will be reimbursed to the customer. Vidal provides customers with an import duty notification in a suitable form or enables it to be accessed electronically. The customer has to raise complaints regarding the import duty notice within seven (7) working days after receipt or retrieval. After this period has expired, customers cannot recourse to Vidal for any defects in the import duty notification.

2.2 Availability and delivery time

Vidal attaches great importance to providing up-to-date and accurate information on availabilities and delivery times in the online shop. In particular, due to production or delivery bottlenecks, delivery delays can occur at Vidal. All information on availability and delivery time are therefore without guarantee and can change at any time.

3 - Conclusion of the contract

The products and prices in the online shop are considered offers. However, this offer is always subject to the condition dissolving the contract of an impossibility of delivery or an incorrect price indication.
The sales contract for Vidal products is concluded as soon as the customer places their order in the online shop, in one of the branches or by email (hereinafter referred to as the “sales contract”).
The arrival of an online order is indicated to the customers by means of an automatically generated order confirmation from Vidal to the e-mail address you provided. The receipt of the automatically generated order confirmation does not contain any assurance that the product can actually be delivered. It only shows the customer that the order placed has arrived at the online shop and that the contract with Vidal has come about under the condition of delivery and the correct price.

4 - Delivery Date

With the order confirmation, the customer is informed of a provisional delivery date or the customer is contacted and an individual delivery date is agreed.
If Vidal is in default of delivery, the customer (except for special orders) has the right to withdraw from the contract from the 30th calendar day since the originally announced delivery date. In this case, Vidal reimburses the customer for amounts paid in advance. Any further claims against Vidal do not exist.

5 - Delivery / Store Collection

For Vidal products, all delivery and collection options are available to customers, which are noted in the online shop under "Delivery and collection".
If the customer does not accept the ordered products on the agreed or indicated delivery date, Vidal can dissolve (cancel) the contract and invoice the customer for the delivery costs incurred and any loss of value.
If the customer does not pick up the products ordered in a branch (branch collection) within 14 calendar days of being ready for collection in the branch, Vidal can terminate the contract.

6 - Obligation to inspect

Customers must immediately check delivered or picked up products for correctness, completeness and delivery damage.
In the case of forwarding deliveries, any delivery damage must be noted on the delivery note.
Delivery damage, incorrect and incomplete deliveries, including for all products, must be reported within 7 calendar days from the time of collection or delivery. Customers are not allowed to use such a product. She has to keep it as received in the original packaging and follow the instructions of the guided return and returns process.

7 - Liability and Disclaimer

Liability is based on the applicable statutory provisions. However, Vidal is in no way liable for (i) slight negligence, (ii) indirect and consequential damage and consequential damage and loss of profit, (iii) unrealized savings, (iv) damage from delayed delivery and (v) any acts or omissions of auxiliary persons of Vidal, be it contractual or non-contractual.
In addition, Vidal rejects liability in the following cases: improper, contrary to contract or illegal storage, adjustment or use of the products; failure to maintain and / or improper modification or repair of the products by the customer or a third party;

8 - Payment

8.1 Payment options

• Failure to maintain and / or improper modification or repair of the products by the customer or a third party;

8.2 Retention of title

Ordered products remain the property of Vidal until full payment has been made to Vidal. Vidal is entitled to make a corresponding entry in the retention of title register.

9 - Modification of the order or cancellation.

Orders oblige customers to purchase the products. Vidal can accept subsequent changes or cancellations of orders from customers at its own discretion and charge a handling fee of 20% of the canceled order value, but at least at least CHF 50, as well as any loss in value of the canceled products since they were ordered.
If a (partial) impossibility of delivery (condition subsequent) occurs after an order or the conclusion of a contract according to section 3, the customer will be informed immediately by email or telephone. If the customer has already paid, this amount will be refunded. If no payment has been made yet, customers are released from their obligation to pay. Further claims due to delay in delivery or failure of delivery are excluded.

10 - Return of goods free of defects

Under the conditions listed in the return policy, Vidal grants the right to return the ordered products within a maximum of 30 calendar days.
The customer must register the return of the products with a customer advisor. The products must be properly packaged with all accessories. Damaged products will not be taken back or the customer will be invoiced in full.
If customers exercise their right of return, Vidal will refund the entire purchase price.

11 - Data protection

The data protection declaration applies to the processing of personal data by Vidal.

12 - Copyright notice

All rights, including copyrights, to these terms and conditions are held by Vidal.
Any duplication, distribution or other use is prohibited and only permitted with Vidal's express written consent. Vidal reserves the right to take all legal steps in the event of a violation of this requirement.

October 2020