Designer carpets and oriental carpets - of course from Vidal in Zurich


Exclusive carpets including service

Our services are a credit to Zurich. A comprehensive range of services proves that we don't just serve our customers, but advise and support them before and after the purchase.

Home Advice

There is no more individual way to look after customers

You can find out at home which carpet, which subject or which color is best for the dining room, living room, bedroom or entrance hall, sideboard, designer sofa, bed or secretary. 

We visit you with a selected range and like to leave one or the other of your preselected items on the spot overnight - so that you really don't take any risks when buying.

 With the result that one of Vidal's best services doesn't even take place in Talacker.


Always new joy in your own carpet

Every now and then carpets that are left untouched in the museum have to be cleaned.

 Not to mention the ones that are used on a daily basis. To do this, we work closely with a competent specialist who cleans your carpets gently, dries them gently, tensioned them properly and carefully rolled them up and transported them. 

With the result that you would like to put up the sign “No trespassing” on your carpet.

Carpet Restoration

Highly qualified specialists work small miracles

We have a team of highly qualified specialists with the appropriate training and equipment at your disposal for the careful restoration of your carpets.

You have mastered all knotting techniques and have access to silk, wool and yarn from all over the world, in all grades, in all colors. 

You restore your defective carpets absolutely true to the original. With the result that your good piece looks just as perfect as it did when you bought it and therefore retains its value.

Delivery Service

You can call us on 044 221 25 73

By customer friendliness, we mean everything that does our customers' work. For example, the transport of your carpets and furniture. Our delivery and collection service is always there for you: just give us a call (044 221 25 73). As a result, we have the work and you have the pleasure.